As a dedicated healer, I care deeply about my work and my clients, taking the time to understand your areas of stress and pain to create a customized session to help you relax and feel better. Each treatment is a therapeutic session. “Therapeutic” is used to emphasize that the goal is to profoundly affect your physical state, as well as your sense of overall wellness and health. When you have a treatment at Lavender Pebble, I’m not only trying to make you feel good, but also to bring about a significant positive change in your body, state of mind, and sense of wholeness, empowering you to find a path to healing.
Massage works by increasing the exchange of oxygenated blood and waste products in the cells, allowing cells to flush toxins, heal and recover faster. Restoring the body to a more balanced state results in an increased feeling of vitality, relaxation and energy.

Yoga Therapy

Together we will discuss your current needs and come up with a plan for your wellness.  This can be a one time one-on-one restorative yoga and/or iRest session or a series of sessions of Yoga, Massage and iRest as needed.

Yoga Therapy
First Session consultation/assessment 90 minutes $125
Follow-up one hour $100
Six one-hour session package $500

Massage Therapy

As a quick break or a fabulous two-hour indulgence, massage can bring about relaxation, clearing the mind and body and allowing you to function more efficiently. Massage Therapy can also be a more specific treatment, best for getting out the knots and addressing pain issues. Massage can consist of a variety of techniques as needed.

Massage therapy
one-hour treatment $100
90 minutes
120 minutes

Gift certificates available.